Funny Lists, Email Forwards

Funny New Year Resolutions
Obnoxious Things To Do The Pool
More Realistic Barbie Dolls
Why Star Wars Is Better Than Titanic
You Know You're Gay When...
What's Your Sign?
Evil Overlord List
You Know You're a Queen if..
What Should I Major In?
Top 16 Rejected Motel 6 Slogans
The Poopie List
Cartoon Laws of Physics
Fantasy Headlines
Fun Things To Do Anywhere
Fun Things To Do To a Supermodel
You Might Be A Goth If...
You've Had Too Much Coffee When..
Reasons To Go To Work Naked
Benefits Of Being Female
Things Guys Wished Girls Knew
Different Kinds Of Breasts
Signs You're from New York
Lawyer Jokes
Philosophy Time
How to Shower Like a Man
Signs You're Broke After Christmas
Things You'll Never Hear a Dad Say
Rejected Valentine's Day Cards
Signs Your Coworker Is a Hacker
Reasons Beer is Better Than Religion
If Microsoft Was Jewish...
Top 13 Things PMS Stands For
Favorite Movies of Jenna Bush
The Benefits of Growing Older
Black Plays Coming To A Theater
Your Cow Has Mad Cow Disease when..
It's Time To Go Home When...
23 Essential Truths
Top Amish Spring Break Activities
Things to Say When She's Pregnant
Political Parties we'd like to See
Top Ten Signs You Smoke Too Much
Golden Books That Never Made It
New State Mottos
Why ask Why
It's a Dog's Life
Things People Say
English Subtitles used in Chinese Movies
Good looks and Brains too?
New Inventions By Blondes
Things Guys Think Girls Should Know
Facts about Arkansas
Guide To The Male Vocabulary
New Barbies at the Stores
Signs that Computers must be Male
Grand Parents still Sexually Active?
If Men woke up with a Vagina
This will Help you Through any Crisis
What the Pilot shouldn't Say
Redneck Computer Terms
How to Tell where a Driver is From
Nominees for the Darwin Awards
Winners of the Brainless Olympics
Good Humour - Bad Ads
Washroom Graffiti
What a Concept
Fun Things to do at Wal-Mart
How to be Annoying
Zany Ways to Phone in a Pizza
Funny Slogans Page
You're an Internet Junkie if...
You're Too Serious About Computers...
How to Scare People in a Computer Lab
Fun Things to Do in an Elevator
How to Build a Web Page in 25 Steps
Diet Rules For Cheaters
Genuine Driving Test Answers
Top Ten Reasons...
Rejection Lines Given By Women
Questions to Ponder about
The Computer belongs to a Redneck if..
Actual Newspaper Classified Ads
Inspirational Posters We'd Like to See
Things Freshmen Can Expect from College
Seminars for Females as Suggested by Men
She was so Blonde that....
More Things you'll Never hear a Man say
Signs You've Joined a Cheap HMO
Signs Your Son is Too Old to Breast Feed
Ways to Know you're from Oklahoma
6 Reasons Computers must be Female
Top Ten TV Shows in Iraq
Top 15 Jewish Country-Western Songs
If The 12 Apostles Had Been Gay
Ways to Tell You're from NW Pennsylvania
Men Won't say this in Victoria's Secret
Signs Your Family May be Dysfunctional
7 Things you Won't Hear a Man Say
Cruel Things to Say to a Naked Man
If Microsoft Headquarters was in Alabama
Ways to prepare for Ski Season
Why Hanukkah is better than Christmas
Things You'll Never Hear A Redneck Say
Golden Books that didn't Make it
Ten Signs You Smoke Too Much
Ways to Tell Someone Their Fly Is Unzipped
Fatal Things to Say when She is Pregnant
Some Very Short Books
If Microsoft started Building Cars
Signs your Webmaster is in a Cult
Things Adults learn from Kids
If Men wrote the Cosmo
Some really Cool Thoughts
Why Dogs are better than Women
What if Condoms had Corporate Sponsors
Translating Personal Advertisements
How to get Laid (guranteed)
How to Satisfy a Woman everytime
Reasons a Dictionary is Better than a Man
Beer Vs Cuccumbers
Chemical Analysis of Man
Why Men are better than Dogs
Top Biblical Ways to acquire a Wife
College Dating Rules
Signs You are Dating a Control Freak
Top 15 Least Effective Dating Tips
Blind Date Guide for Men
Why Alcohol should be Served at Work
What He really Means
Ways to be the Worst Blind Date ever
Things Girls want Guys to Know
Top Reasons that Bread Is Dangerous
Annoying Things to do in a Drive Thru
Little Ways to Annoy your Neighbours
100 Guidelines on becoming an Evil Villain
Expressions For Women On High-Stress Days
Signs Your Spouse is Having an Affair
Comebacks to Why aren't you married yet?
Ways to annoy your Bathroom Stallmate
Top Slogans being considered for Viagra
Problems buying Sperms over the Internet
Signs you are on a bad Honeymoon
Changes Now That a Baby Has Arrived


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