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    What is the definition of an Online Course?

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    How long is the course?

    Why is this course so cheap?

    How can SDC provide a personal support forum and over 1000 pages of notes for this course?

    Does the course fee include all costs?

    Who issues the certificate?

    Are there any contact programs with Savio DSilva?

    Will Savio be personally available to answer my questions?

    Are there any assignments?

    Please tell me about the course assignments?

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    When do I receive the certificate for the course?

    Are the courses affiliated to any university or college?

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    Are the course notes really accessible 24x7?

    Is there any classroom training involved?

    Can I pay the fees in parts?

    Can I be emailed the certificate?

    Do you offer a refund?

    Do we get marks or grades for these courses?

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