Open Thoughts Written On A Breezy September Evening

Open Thoughts Written On A Breezy September Evening
Perfectly lost in the moment, don't know what to write about, but keeping at it in the hope that inspiration comes in through the open window of my bedroom.

A terrific day for sure, but the evening seems to be playing tricks on my mind, caught in the process of what to write about in this particular post.

Life's like a gentle breeze that you feel while you walk on a beach on a serene evening.

There is so much one wants to do during the day, that lethargy sets in and throws the entire schedule out the door.

Finding the right rhythm is the key.

Hitting the right notes, playing the drums well, and making sure that whatever is being shared connects with the life of the visitor is crucial to my success.

Today I am tongue tied (or keyboard locked). I am randomly typing what's coming into my mind but there is no direction in which I go.


Wonderful it feels that you read what I write anyway. But sad I feel at the same time since it's not supposed to be this way.

Maybe there are thoughts that distract me while I sit here at my computer, or perhaps my mind is full of thoughts about yesterday.

The burden that I tell you not to carry is actually the one I am carrying around today.

Got to leave the past in the past, no point flirting with it in the now, easier said than done for sure, must keep working on it until the light illuminates itself in my brain.

The top of the mountain is a long way off, stuck here at the bottom, the first few steps were too heavy for me to carry on, now I'm relaxing while I type random nothings on this breezy evening.

Enough evidence shows itself here, I write even when there is absolutely no inspiration, not the best thing to do perhaps, but one that declares my fervent passion for content writing, the quality is judged by the readers, in my eyes I love what I'm doing, just can't seem to figure out which way to go and what's the central message being shared within these musings.


Many posts without specific messages have already been written, perhaps this one will add another number to that list, maybe I'm just mentally tired you know, slept well last night, but the events of yesterday took a toll on my body and mind.

I've noticed that I feel mentally tired and a bit lethargic whenever I am unable to meditate as often as I am used to.

Yesterday did not allow me to meditate for 2 hours or more. I was out all Afternoon, spent the evening talking with my family, and wrote some posts in the night, before turning myself in for the night.

Life's a relaxing vacation and is all about laying down most of the day doing absolutely nothing.

That's what most people work for, to retire one day with a villa on the beach or a home on top of the mountains, sadly most people don't end up fulfilling these dreams, because life's not supposed to be lived working your ass off in the desperate hope of retiring one fine day never having to lift a pin.


There's no excuse for not relaxing often during the day even while you are busy working. I love writing and socializing but rest and recreation are far more important than both of the words I typed before.

Rarely do I break my own rules, and I'm not going to follow it up with another day of social lethargy.

Going to sleep for the next few hours, will rest all evening, and probably not write anything new till tomorrow Afternoon.

I feel much better already, I'm sure you'll appreciate if I come back fresher and more renewed just like I'm used to feeling most days of the year.

Off for a little nap, these musings may not make much sense, but the essence of these lines is that they talk about life itself. And that's probably the main reason so many people drop up every day to read 'em.

Thanks for dropping by, life's a gentle breeze, and I'm just a few steps away from feeling it while I am sleeping and daydreaming in just a little while.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva on Sep 2 2017 - 9:35:pm

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